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Welcome to Croydon NUT

Welcome to the home of Croydon Teachers' Association- representing over 2000 Croydon Teachers at work.

  • Our friends at the Croydon Assembly are running a special event on education at Ruskin on 24th February from 11.30am.  Many NUT members will be centrally involved so please encourage your contacts to come.  Keynote speaker will be Professor Ken Jones,  Senior Policy Officer, National Union of Teachers and Emeritus Professor Goldsmiths, University of London. Register here for the event.
  • Our next General Meeting for all members is on 27th February, 5pm at Ruskin House
  • Next reps training is on 13th March at 1.30, also in Ruskin House.


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Croydon HR's guidance for schools on pay is now available on their website. Check your pay to ensure you have been given the correct (1% or 2%) uplift for your pay scale. Contact us urgently if there is a problem.




School Cuts

Funding cuts are a huge issue for Croydon schools. Despite the Tories' latest pledges 88% of schools across the country are set to see cuts by 2020. Use the NUT's interactive map to see how your local school will be affected. You can use that website to write to Chris Philp, Sarah Jones or Steve Reed about this crucial issue.


What's on in our branch

We hold all meetings in Ruskin House in Croydon. We believe in supportive and relevant training for our members and reps and welcome any suggestions for future training sessions and general meetings.

Our remaining 2017/18 dates are as follows:

February 27th- General Meeting 5-6.30pm

March 13th- Reps Training 1.30-4.30pm


May 15th- General Meeting 5-6.30pm

June 26th- General Meeting 5-6.30pm

July 4th- Reps Training 1.30-4.30pm

NB: Please email to confirm attendance at reps training.


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Here is an inspiring song by our own London NUT choir!



National Education Union

The National Education Union represents the majority of teachers and educational professionals in the UK. We stand for the future of education. Join us at or call 0345 811 8111 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

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