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Dorset NUT has a proud history of campaigning for children's education locally.  Join the Union which gets things done. 

Key issues for teachers in Dorset 2016/17

Poor school funding and its effect on teacher recruitment and pay progression are sure to be major issues in the current academic year.  The freeze on per-pupil funding has become an established reality.  The declining economy will bring even more real-terms school budget cuts.  Dorset is already experiencing larger class sizes and even more blocking of pay progression because of the flawed and unfair appraisal procedures forced into schools over recent years.  Teachers must not allow their schools to be starved of funding  - speak out, organise, petition, lobby local councillors and academy trustees and most importantly alert parents to the ways their children's education is being undermined.

The reintroduction of Grammar Schools.   After the trauma, money wasting and uncertainty of academisation, teachers now face a trip back in time to Mrs May's vision of 1950s educational apartheid.  The NUT has always believed in good schools for all children in all areas of the country.  The idea of selecting a narrow elite and concentrating resources on them while consigning three quarters of our students to a second tier system is bound to infuriate our committed teaching profession.  Logically this shouldn't affect Dorset with its long-establiched pattern of good neighbourhood comprehensives, but the power of influential pressure groups to skew things their way (as in Swanage) should not be underestimated.  Prepare for action to fight this nonsense . 


Members need to know their school's Pay, Appraisal and Capability Policies in detail.  Again this year there are real dangers that Dorset schools could try to block pay progression and promotions.  Has your school tried to bring in unconsulted changes to the M-range and UPS-range.  If that happens in your school, local action is the only solution.  Or alternatively you could see your pay and pension wither away while colleagues down the road with fair pay and performance management policies maintain their professional status.

What can YOU do?

You can be an active, informed and committed union member.  Make sure your school has a rep and regular union meetings to discuss dubious work practices and policies. Challenge unfair impositions of extra work, and as the national attack on union rights increases, stand up for education and yourself. 

Last outing for the old-style banner - Tolpuddle July 2017


Next General Meeting will be on Wednesday 27 Sept 5.30pm, Colliton Club, Dorchester.


The NUT recruits qualified teachers, and those on a route to qualified teacher status. We believe in a qualified teacher for every class. Join us now online or call 020 7380 6369 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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