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The next meeting will be on Wednesday 12 November at 4.15 at Lladnrindod High School.


the next meeting will be on 24th September at the Castle Hotel Brecon at 4.15 There will be refreshments provided could people email jenda253@hotmail.com by Monday September 22nd at to confirm your attendance at the meeting.

Claire Bradford - Powys NUT  Supply Teacher Rep: clairelerato@gmail.com
  Supply teachers in south Wales FB group 
network meets 28th & 29th Augand NUT lobby of parliament - 28th Oct
Supply teachers in south Wales Facebook group are holding a couple of social events before the restart of term. They are: Thursday 28th August: meet up in the Salt Bar, Cardiff Bay, 12-2pm in the afternoon. Friday 29th August: meet up in the No Sign Bar, Wind Street in Swansea from 12-2 pm.Alix Lewis is organising these events and says:
“It will be mostly a social event and a way to gain insight on hosting future events. I will also be giving information on gaining NQT through Supply work and discussing
issues with supply teachers. I will also be sharing insights on what was discussed at the Supply Teaching Conference in June. “

Do go along if you can, the group is really growing and it’s good to make more links and make the supply teacher network grow ever stronger. For any queries,
contact Alix on: alixlewis543@hotmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/267593483422110/?fref=ts .
Also, the NUT has confirmed there will be a lobby of parliament on Tuesday 28th October re. supply teacher pay on conditions. Excellent news. http://www.teachers.org.uk/supply 
Hot dates in Montgomery

Following a lead from other NUT groups in England -  Montgomery Association held an informal  curry night for all its members to get together . Many members lack a chance to meet and talk with their fellows from other schools. Teachers with a wide experience of all kinds of school back grounds sat down for a meal and a chat. This was such a success that another will be held on Thursday 2nd October. Check this site, emails and posters for details if you are in the Montgomery area - Hopefully the idea can spread!

Teachers' Pay and Conditions are under serious threat.  NUT has 10 good reasons to oppose the proposals. NUT and NASUWT representing over 80% of teachers (combined) have published
joint Model Policies and Guidance for use in schools.


You should not be expected to hand in lesson plans each week for scrutiny by your head teacher.
Plans facilitate delivery of your lessons - there is no prescribed format.
Re-use plans and only up-date when necessary.
Plan jointly with colleagues, or share out the work between a group of you.
No need to start from scratch. Make use of material already available, adapting as appropriate.
Where practice in your school falls short of this protocol, get together with other NUT members to discuss an approach to your head teacher. Tell your NUT division/association secretary about your success!


Lobby the Governing Body rather than blame us say Unions as teachers strike at Maesydderwen School - press release
17 March 2014
Lobby the Governing Body rather than blame us say Unions as teachers strike at Maesydderwen School
Members of the NASUWT and NUT will be taking three days of strike action at Maesydderwen school to protest against the decision of the school governing body to adopt a new pay policy that accepts adverse changes to the pay entitlements of teachers proposed by the Secretary of State in England.
The new pay policy removes the obligation on the governing body to match a teacher's existing salary when they are appointed to the school.
The stand that the NUT and NASUWT members are making at Maesydderwen supports the Welsh Government's view that the potential reduction in pay will act as a disincentive for teachers to consider moving schools and so reduce the clear benefits that such mobility brings to generating new thinking and energy.
Commenting on the current position, NUT Cymru Secretary David Evans said:
"We have been left with no option other than to take this strike action at Maesydderwen. We have already withdrawn three days of planned action to allow time for the Governing Body to adopt a position that would have allowed the action to be withdrawn. We have offered every olive branch to the Governing Body requesting that they suspend the implementation of the policy for further talks both at school level and consortia level to take place. Whilst the Unions have taken every opportunity to contact the stakeholders in this matter, sadly we have been met with a brick wall and a set of governors who do not want to engage. The teacher governors have been excluded from meetings. It is our belief that the threat of withdrawal of HR support by Powys if schools fail to adopt the ERW policy has driven the Governing Body at Maesydderwen school to make this decision rather than putting what is best for the learners at the forefront of their consideration. The blame for this action rest squarely on the shoulders of the governing body"
NASUWT Wales Organiser Rex Phillips said:
"Strike action is always a last resort and every effort has been made by the Unions to avoid the need for this action at Maesydderwen School. However, the Governing Body has spurned the opportunities provided to them to adopt a new pay policy that accepts that when determining the starting salary for a teacher joining the school it should at least maintain the teacher's previous pay entitlement. Instead, the Governing Body, with the support of the Powys Authority and the ERW consortium, seized on the opportunity provided by the adverse changes made to the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document by the Secretary of State, Michael Gove, and adopted and subsequently affirmed a new pay policy that removes the obligation to match a teacher's existing salary when they join the school. The NASUWT and NUT members at Maesydderwen are standing against the policies of Michael Gove and the Westminster Coalition Government, whereas, the Governing Body, the Powys Authority and the ERW consortium are supporting them. Parents are rightly concerned about this action, but we ask them to lobby the Governing Body and support the teachers in their stand.