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NUT Kingswood Street Stall

The NUT will be running a street stall at Kings Chase Shopping Centre (High Street, BS15 8LE) on Friday 2 June,  12 - 1.30 pm.

Members - come along to make sure that education is a key election issue in Kingswood. 

March for Education

Saturday 20 May 

Bristol march flyer 

South West NUT Women's Network

The next network meeting will be on the 13th June, 8pm at the Bristol Flyer. 

Welcome to Karla

The Division welcomes Karla Wheeler as the new Divisional Secretary following the recent AGM.

After being joint Secretary with Nigel Varley for the past six months, Karla has now fully taken on the role.

Huge thanks go out to Nigel for all his work as Divsional Secretary over the past few years, and he'll still be around to assist Karla. 

Our new President: Lee Everson

Lee Everson is the President of the Division for the next year. 

This is his presidential address to the recent AGM.

"Colleagues, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the opportunity to be the Presiding committee member for the year of 2017.
I have been a History teacher for six years, teaching at Winterbourne International Academy. Since I started my teaching career in 2010, it is fair to say that a battle for the soul of public service in this country has been underway. I fear that we have yet to see the full cumulative effect of 6 years of government policy on the working conditions of teachers, as well as the learning conditions of students. I feel an undeniable atmosphere of anxiety towards what those in power feel is right for the UK education system. It is at odds with what I know to be true about best educational practice and what children need from their teachers.
The NUT has given me the strength and the pride to withstand repeated attacks on my terms and conditions of service, job security and self-esteem. Without the NUT I would not be the teacher I am today, able to work diligently and in dignity, along with my colleagues who have demonstrated the true power of unity and collective action.
As your President I will aim to do whatever I can and whatever is necessary to continue the work of the South Gloucester NUT, in defending and advocating for professional respect, integrity and positive conditions which allow teachers and students to mutually thrive. I will seek to collaborate to the most effective extent possible with volunteers and organisations who share our goals. If you feel that I can be of assistance in achieving and sustaining these goals, all you need to do is ask. It is an honour to serve alongside you as the committee President."

Workload Project

The South Glos. Division has been chosen by the Union to run a pilot project on workload. Our members were surveyed and we had one of the highest responses to the survey of the six divisions chosen for the pilot. The results are very interesting showing just what the problems are. Thanks to all those who responded.

A number of members replied that they would be willing to assist in the project, with the first meeting being held prior to the recent AGM. The aim is to draft a Workload Charter which sets out what the workload expectations should be. We will then try to get as many schools and academy trusts in South Gloucestershire to adopt it.

The model is the Nottingham Fair Workload Charter which is showing some success. This does not replace the Union's Action Short of Strike Action (ASOS) on workload. The Union will support members in any schools with issues.


A number of experienced teachers, mainly in Primary, have recently been put onto capability. The concern within South Glos NUT is that schools have been doing this for budgetary reasons, as removing experienced teacher would save money from the salary bill.

If you are facing capability, or even if informal support measures are proposed, don't hesitate to contact Karla immediately.

Previous AGM - February 2017

The South Glos Division of the NUT last held its AGM in February 2017.

In a few days time, on the 'About Us' page, you'll find details of the officers and committee for 2017/18.

The meeting also confirmed the delegates to the 2017 annual conference, and you'll find those details on the 'Annual Conference' page (along with details of the 2016 conference in Brighton).

South-West South Wales Black Teachers' Network

Black teachers in the South-West and South Wales have recently launched an NUT network to help members achieve change and make an impact.

More details

Need advice ?

The first place for members to go when seeking advice is the NUT's AdviceLine. It is designed to provide advice on the issues that affect your professional life. So if you have a worry or query about how you are being treated at work, you can contact the AdviceLine for speedy support and assistance.

Call the AdviceLine on 020 3006 6266 (open 9am - 7 pm weekdays) or email

All new requests for advice must be directed to the AdviceLine first, and then if necessary will be passed onto the Division.

NUT Disabled Teachers' Conference

The Disabled Teachers’ Conference provides the opportunity to meet and network with other disabled teachers from across England and Wales. It aims to support disabled teachers already active in the NUT and to encourage other disabled teachers to become active.More details 
14 Oct 2017

The NUT recruits qualified teachers, and those on a route to qualified teacher status. We believe in a qualified teacher for every class. Join us now online or call 020 7380 6369 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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