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Redundancy Threat looms due to inadequate funding for Education.

At a recent meeting held with our new director Headteachers were told about the possible cuts that may have to be made within Blaenau Gwent. Not only does the offer hardly pay for the rises in gas and electris costs, it will not cover the pay increase given to teachers by the Government last year. The consequences could mean the loss of between FORTY AND SIXTY teachers losing their jobs as well as classroom assistants. We will be negotiating with the Borough to enable those of our members who wish to take voluntary early retirement to be given the opportunity and to access their pensions and be offered redundancy packages. Fortunately our Borough has had one of the best records in Wales doing this and we hope this trend will continue. At present teachers are able to get upto three and one third years enhancement although at present they are trying to cut this to three per cent.


FAIR PAY FOR TEACHERS, SCHOOL REORGANISATIONS, WORKLOAD and TLR'S will continue to be big issues for teachers this term and beyond and you can read about them and what the Union is doing about them on this site.

Clive Swain Secretary BGA.

The History of Our Association or Division

Blaenau Gwent Association came into being with the boundary changes made by the Government in 1997. Gwent Association was abolished and many smaller associations amalgamated into larger bodies. Our Association was born with Abertillery, Tredegar and Ebbw Vale Associations forming what we now call the Blaenau Gwent Division. Its first Secretary was Mostyn Phillips with the present Secretary, Clive Swain becoming the Assistant Secretary and taking over the Division when Mostyn retired in 2004.

This website will give you the opportunity to visit other sites you can use in your planning and preparation. Teachers NUT Hearth.

What's Happening in our Region

Meetings are at present being held at The Park Hotel in Lower Ebbw Vale on a monthly rota. We generally hold our meetings on the third Tuesday of each month but this occassionally changes due to half terms or ends of term. ( see Meetings and Events.)

The new Blaenau Gwent Website has been on hold for the past few months due to teething problems but we hope to get it up and running this term. We hope it will give all our members the opportunity to keep up to date with what is happening within our Authority and within the Union as a whole. If you have any ideas for the site please feel free to contact us so that we can give you the opportunity to share your ideas with other colleagues within Blaenau Gwent.

News Reports on Site

Have you lost your MA? Are you still doing the job you are now NOT being paid for?

 If so find out what to do. Ring NUT Cymru for advice on what you need to do. 02920 491818

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