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Strike on 30th November


The vote of NUT members in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme in June covers all members in the schools balloted to take action on 30 November. WE DO NOT NEED TO BALLOT AGAIN TO STRIKE ON 30 NOVEMBER. In the ballot for members in the Local Government Pension Scheme more than 80% voted for strike action. Members in both schemes are urged to strike.


The Government's new proposals give you £1000s less not £1000s more


The Government remains determined to:


  • Make you pay 50% more for your pension;
  • Cut its value by 15% by changing the way it is indexed for inflation;
  • Cut its value by basing it on your career average rather than your final salary;
  • If you are under 50, make you work up to 8 years longer before you can get it.


All these things remain in place after the most recent ‘concessions’ you may have heard that the Government has made. These concessions amount to only a small proportion of the cost savings the Government is making at our expense.


All of the unions involved in the campaign agree that they are not enough. We are still being expected to pay yet again for the deficit, as we are through the pay freeze and job losses over the next 2 years. 24 unions representing millions of members now have a ballot mandate for strike action.


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We gave a lead in June. Now many more teachers and hundreds of thousands of other public sector workers will be joining us.  

For answers to FAQs about the strike you can download advice here


If you work in a new academy (converted since June) you can still take strike action. See details here