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LGBT History Month - February 2010

February is LGBT History Month.  LGBT History Month enables schools, libraries, councils, theatres, museums, art galleries, music venues and others to explore and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of LGBT people to world history and culture.

LGBT History Month February 2010 will be pre-launched by Schools Out! at the British Museum on 19 November 2009.  Resources for schools, a list of local events and further information can be obtained by visiting  Divisions and associations are urged to publicise LGBT History Month as widely as possible to all members and to encourage schools to participate.

Divisions and associations are also encouraged to affiliate to Schools Out! to network with local LGBT teachers and access LGBT-friendly resources.  The Union works closely with Schools Out!, whose current co-ordinators are members of the Union’s LGBT Working Party and long time trade union activists.  More information on Schools Out!  and resources for teachers on LGBT issues can be found at the organisation’s website,

Friday 14 December 2018