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An appeal for support for UAF's anti racist demonstration in Luton on May 5th

Many NUT members were part of the magnificent show last year of Cambridge united against the divisive racism of the EDL. Now Unite Against Fascism is asking us to do the same in Luton.

Luton is where the EDL was formed and they are trying to rally their forces here. But Luton does not belong to the EDL – just like Cambridge, it is a multiracial, multicultural town where the overwhelming majority of local people reject the EDL’s message of anti-Muslim racist hate.

We need to make sure there are huge numbers of people on the Luton march against the EDL on 5th May to deal a decisive blow against the racists and fascists in the town they seek to claim as their ‘home ground’. We want to show them they are not welcome in Luton – or anywhere else.

Transport leaves Cambridge at 10am from The Backs – you can book your place here:

Thursday 22 August 2019