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Lobby of Parliament

The Government has announced that more money will be spent on education, but shortfalls in funding still mean that 88% of all schools are facing cuts in real terms. For the average primary school this, is a loss of over £52,000 a year. For the average secondary school, this is a loss of over £178,000 a year. Sixth Form Colleges have been subjected to even more severe cuts than schools.

Parents can find out how much the funding for their own children’s schools is being cut by visiting the website. You will be shocked to see how much the cut is, what this comes to per pupil and how many teachers will have to be lost. Since 2015, a total of £2.8bn has been cut rom school budgets.

These cuts mean fewer teachers and staff leading to larger classes and a reduced curriculum and, in many schools, parents having to plug the gaps. In a country as relatively well-off as the UK, the damage caused by these cuts to our children’s futures is simply not acceptable.

The National Education Union has organised a mass national Lobby of Parliament to take place on the 24th October. Parents and teachers from all over the UK will be urging their MPs to ask the Chancellor to fully fund education in his autumn budget.

School funding is facing its biggest shortfall in a generation. As a result of pressure from unions, school staff and parents, the government has moved £13bn into the schools budget. But this is not new money and it is being raided from other parts of the education budget. Sixth Form Colleges, for example, have seen their funding reduced much more drastically than schools.

Anyone is welcome to join us in our mass lobby of Parliament. Sign up here: where you will be able to contact your MP and find other lobbyists in your area. 

Tuesday 25 June 2019