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Primary Charter seminar July 2nd 2014 - feedback
Safeguarding workload and quality  provision in our Nurseries

The extension of free nursery entitlement to 15 hours per week for all three and four year olds has raised a number of issues with our nursery teacher members.  Concerns have arisen where new provision is being piloted. Now teaching staff in Cambridgeshire  face the problems of implementing the extended provision, which is supposed to be available to the most disadvantaged 25% of 3 & 4 year olds in the L.A from September 2009.

We support the extension of free nursery provision. However this must be fully funded and staffed.

There are three main issues for union members;
1.     That teachers are expected to work extended hours beyond that covered by directed time
2.     In order to ensure that all children get the three hours per day teachers are required to work longer contact hours to the detriment of planning, set up of provision and discussion time with colleagues and parents/carers.
3.     That some sessions will be covered by staff who do not have teacher status.

The issues of increased workload must be looked at in respect of 1265 hours of directed time. This time can include teaching time. PPA, inset days, staff and planning meetings/briefings, parents evenings, set up time, performance management and SEN Reviews. All head teachers must provide a breakdown of
directed time at the start of each academic year for all teachers. More comprehensive guidance for what this should cover can be found on the NUT website at Also helpful is the
guidance on part time working hours, which can be found at

The next Early Years meeting where we will be discussing these issues is at 4pm on Thursday 19th March, at the Curriculum Development Centre, Trumpington Rd.  All nursery teachers welcome.
Thursday 22 August 2019