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Dorset NUT and Dorset ATL have a proud history of campaigning together for children's education locally.  Join the Union which gets things done. 

Key issues for educators in Dorset 2017/18

Inadequate funding of our schools and colleges will remain a main campaign focus for the National Eduation Union in the year ahead.  These are some of the effects all educational professionals need to look out for, report and prepare to fight against.....

Growing class sizes.  Recent research has revealed that by July 2017 half a million children were being taught in classes larger than 36 in English Primary Schools.  This is bound to worsen as the realities of insufficient funding bite deeper. 

Deterioration of pay levels.  Fair pay progression routes have been thwarted in many Dorset schools in recent years; unagreed targets unfulfilled, dubious practices under the guise of appraisal, statutory deadlines for pay decisions ignored, deterring staff from applying for UPR by saying they will have to take on even more workload.  Now the danger is that the favoured excuse for denying pay uplift might be simply to say " Sorry, but we can't afford it in the school's budget". Classroom practitioners have rights and procedures under agreed policies.  Members are encouraged to find out what these are and not be fobbed off with bogus excuses.  After all, it's not just this year's well deserved pay uplift that may be withheld, but the permanent pegging back of pension too.

Redundancies.  There were already budget-driven redundancy processes started last summer term.  This is likely to accelerate as management teams run out of ideas for saving money, and staffing cuts increase.  TAs and HLTAs have experienced cuts in hours and non-renewals of contracts. Without the certainty of fully resourced classrooms, education standards are at risk.  At risk also is the wellbeing of the staff who remain as their workload inevitably increases.  

The National Education Union

The vast majority of teachers, classroom assistants, management team members and education professionals generally in Dorset will be in the new NEU which comes into being on Sept 1st.   Dorset NUT and ATL will run in parallel for a further year or more as the amalgamation beds in. New entrants to the world of education will join as members of the National Education Union. This new beginning is a chance for all those who have not before been active union members to get involved and help to shape the direction and vitality of Europe's largest education union.  Never before have young people and parents had greater need for a vibrant union of professionals to defend their education.

What can you do?

Organise in your workplace. Make sure you have an NUT or ATL rep.  Hold a joint meeting and try to timetable a meeting each term to discuss what matters to you in your worlplace.  Find out the policies that govern your working life. Approach and recruit new staff members into the NEU. Stand up for Education, and your own rights.

Last outing for the old-style banner - Tolpuddle July 2017


Next Dorset NEU General Meeting will be on Monday 25 June 5.30pm, The Blandford School, Blandford

National Education Union

The National Education Union represents the majority of teachers and educational professionals in the UK. We stand for the future of education. Join us at or call 0345 811 8111 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

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