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For guidance documents on Health & Safety matters go to the national website H&S link 

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Local Help

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Where to go for help and advice 

Your first call  AdviceLine   020 3006 6266   Weekdays 9.00 - 19.00

Teacher Support Network   08000 562 561   txt 07909 341229   Advice and counselling 24/7

NEU South West office   01392 258028

Knightshayes House 9 Harrier Way Sowton Exeter EX2 7HU   Weekdays 9.00 - 17.00 

Local Cluster Reps 

Dorset NEU has been changing to reflect the shifts in school organisation locally and nationally.  Trained and experienced local volunteers may be able to help you after you've first tried NEU AdviceLine, Education Support Partnership (formerly Teacher Support Network) or the NEU South West Regional Office. 

Send your name, membership number and brief outline of your query/case via email to the contacts for the local clusters/areas below.  Please bear in mind that these colleagues are busy teachers or are retired and may not be able to respond immediately....... 

North Dorset         Matthew Lake

West Dorset         Alison Chown  

 Purbeck            Jessie Parish   

Ferndown        Carmen Diment

 Blandford        Simon Gillett

 Wimborne        Richard Foyle   

Dorchester      Geoff Cooke    

Chesil & Christchurch      Vacancy 


Always check your school policy which may differ from the model policies which Dorset has recommended to schools.  Also, academies may have policies adopted through outside HR providers. Any new policies should have been consulted on within each school/institution.  Employment policy documents (main ones listed below) MUST be made available on request - they are usually in the school office

General Conditions

The historical document which enshrines many of the basic employment rights of teachers is the Burgundy Book

Pay and conditions 

The main document which has the up-to-date pay terms and conditions for teachers is the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document

Changes imposed in recent years allow schools to vary their pay policy to give "greater flexibility and freedom".  There is no agreed policy between DCC and the unions. Members should have their own internal consultations on any modifications proposed in their individual schools.

Appraisal and Capability 

As Appraisal (Performance Management) procedures linked to Capability are causing more and more problems, members should be aware which approach their school has adopted.  A model Appraisal Policy, Classroom Observation Protocol and Classroom Visits Guidance were partly agreed in recent years.  But some schools may have tried to vary these.  Make sure you have your school's current policy.

Bullying & Harassment 

What used to be known as Bullying and Harassment is now referred to in the much more user-friendly way of Fairness & Dignity at Work. Your school should have a model policy.


There have been many cases in Dorset where disciplinary measures have been usedagainst staff for a range of issues. Sometimes the policy is not correctly followed or even issued to accused staff.  Always request the full policy and procedure if threatened with this course of action.

Flexible & part-time work 

Returning to work after maternity leave can be very problematic.  A reasonable request for part-time working so that family responsibilities can be balanced might be turned down and correct procedures not adhered to by school management.  Make sure you ask for the full written policy and application form before you enter into any informal discussion about future changes to your work pattern.


If you feel that you have a genuine complaint about the way you're being treated, your pay or any other issue that has not been resolved through normal professional dialogue and approaches, you can take out a Grievance which has to be investigated formally. Your school has a statutory policy on this.