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Training for all these roles is available thoughout the year, locally in Bournemouth, Exeter, Bristol or other local venues.

Cover & travel expenses provided


School Contacts and Reps

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It's important to have a reliable contact in each workplace.

Do you know who your NEU Rep is?

Have you thought of being the NEU Rep yourself?

The four elements in the role of workplace representative are:

  1. recruitment  and retention of members
  2. communication
  3. liaison
  4. representation
  • This would mean doing at least the first 5 of the following:-
  1. Recruit new members, particularly NQTs and new arrivals in your workplace
  2. Keep an accurate list of members
  3. Encourage your members to update their information with the Union, especially having up-to-date phone and e-mail contacts
  4. Arrange with the workplace office to receive NEU mailings.
  5. Have a noticeboard for members and try to update it regularly, especially with the national Union's news posters
  6. Call occasional meetings to find out the feelings of your members on current issues
  7. Liaise with the Local Cluster Manager or South West Regional office ( over any problems members may have
  8. Consider going to meetings and local training to learn more about policies and procedures to be able to represent colleagues in your workplace