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Welcome to the Hammersmith & Fulham Teachers' Association (HFTA)- the largest union and the majority union for teachers in Hammersmith & Fulham.

The new academic year will see fundamental and far reaching changes for teachers, schools and education.


We have seen that the Government is so determined to push its own agenda that it will not only attack and undermine teachers, force schools into becoming academies and undermine local education authorities but will also stand aside whilst thousands of Year 11 students are robbed of their deserved GCSE grades.


 The NUT is campaigning with and for teachers on all the issues which affect our working lives and the quality of education for our students.


Come and join us at our next General Members Meeting and hear how we will be taking the next steps in our campaigns.


 The HFTA is here to support and defend teachers, to promote education and to give a voice to the profession.  Over the years we believe we have done a good job in all three respects. Over two thirds of teachers in the Borough have made the NUT their union of choice. Join Hammersmith & Fulham NUT and become part of an organisation 1000 strong. 

Once again, welcome to our website and welcome to the NUT.  Let us know what you think by clicking here HFTAnut@aol.com

Dennis Charman and Amy Lassman 

Joint Secretaries HFTA

What do you think?

Is Mr Wilshaw doing a good job

Yes. Every time he speaks I feel inspired.
No. Every time he speaks I feel demoralised and angry
Is he really the Head of OFSTED
Does anyone know where he lives?
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