Saturday 23 June 2018






The NUT is the largest teachers' Union in Europe 

The NUT is also the largest teachers' union in Somerset and it is the only teachers' union to recruit qualified or trainee teachers only.

The History of Our Association 

The NUT has been established in Somerset since the end of the 19th Century. The NUT has a long history and the union has represented members both at school and employer level during this time. The aim of the Association is Professional Unity and working with all other Trade Unions as one Union.

What's Happening in Somerset

This website will help you understand what the NUT is doing for members in Somerset to make a difference at school level and the workplace. The website will also allow you to access information on meetings, training, union policies and local agreements and procedures with the employer. Plus other information that will be helpful for your teaching career, such as NUT professional development courses.


Anne Bulley

Area Secretary




Vicki Nash

Joint Divisional Secretary 


Area Secretary





Roland Hurrell


Health & Safety Adviser

Area Secretary Mendip

Robin Head

Joint Divisional Secretary


National Executive Member








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