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Divisional Secretary

September 2018 update:

Michael Carter has taken on the role of Divisional Secretary from September, having previously been the Assistant Secretary.This appointment was agreed at the NUT Section committee meeting in July..

Michael now has some allocated Facilities Time for union activities. He should be available on Wednesdays, where he will be based in the union office at the Old Library, Trinity Road, Bristol. He can also be available for attendance at meetings on Mondays and Thursdays by prior arrangement.

At the same committee meeting, Marcus John was elected to the role of Assistant Secretary, and he will be taking on this rolein the near future.

Details of the officers and committee, as elected at the January 2018 AGM, can be found on the 'About Us' page. 

Safeguarding Update

The statutory guidance 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' from the DfE has been updated from the 3rd September 2018

All school staff should have read at least Part One of the updated guidance.

If you haven't been given a copy (or a link) by your school, the guidance can be seen on the website.


Our new President: Abi Smith

Abi Smith is the new President of this NUT Section, following the recent AGM.

Check back here shortly for more information, and a photo of Abi.



Motion for AGM – January 2018

Proposed by Julian Selman Marlwood school representative

Seconded by Sharon Reynolds and Lee Everson


The Division recognises the growing crisis in South Gloucestershire schools created by:

1. South Gloucestershire being the worst-funding area in the country

 2. Three MATs with schools in South Gloucestershire and a significant number of LEA schools refusing to pay the full STPRB pay award for 2017-18 creating potentially serious problems in recruitment, retention and morale.

3. The failure by most schools to reduce teacher workload to a manageable level.

4. Worsening teachers’ health (physical and mental), welfare and morale (evidence from casework and reports from school reps).

5. The loss of experienced teaching staff in our schools, restructuring (reductions mostly) of posts, the threat to broad and balanced curricula through reductions in capacity and the poorer provision for all students.

6. The loss of many support staff and teachers who used to support SEND, EAL, PP and vulnerable students.

The Division believes that this crisis is creating a spiral of decline to the detriment of our members well-being and job security, as well as to the welfare and interests of the children and young people that we teach.

The Division therefore resolves to:

1. Launch a Save South Glos Schools Campaign.

2. This campaign to be in alliance with parents, governors, other trade unions, community groups and political / campaign groups (within the Rules of the Union).

3. The campaign will focus on:

             a. Funding – highlighting and resisting the effect of budget reductions on individual schools and broader campaigning to secure a change in the funding formula. The Division notes that South Gloucestershire MPs have vulnerable majorities.

              b. Pay – the Division recognises that members have not yet shown a willingness to take action. To build support for the implementation of Union pay policy, we will therefore

                    i. “Name and shame” all schools/MATS which have not paid the full award.

                   ii. Publish information on the effects both short and long term on pay shortfall.

                   iii. Campaign in affected schools to build support for a ballot on strike action over pay. We will request Union support for a programme of sustained, discontinuous strike action to be held simultaneously in affected schools.

                  iv. Campaign amongst parents and the public for support on the pay issue.

          c. Continue our campaign in schools, including negotiating a workload charter, building support for action if this does not work and to enable school memberships to implement Union workload policy in full.

          d. Conduct a survey on members’ well-being and use the findings to publish a Charter for School Staff Well-being. We will then campaign to get employers and individual schools to adopt it.

           e. Support research and public campaigns, including financial support, on child mental health. In particular we will focus on the damaging effect of the testing/results culture in schools and the decline in support that schools can give to children.

          f. Campaign for the return of academies in South Gloucestershire to local authority control.

4. The Division recognises the workload implications for its officers of this campaign and will seek additional support from the NEU.  

AGM - Rule changes

At the January 2018 AGM, there were some changes to the rules of the NEU South Gloucestershire NUT Section. These changes are mainly to do with the change of name from NUT Divsion to NUT Section within the NEU.

Click here for a copy of the amended rules. Changes are highlighted in yellow. The new rules have yet to be agreed by the National Executive Committee.

2017 AGM minutes 

Click here for the minutes from the 2017 AGM, agreed at the January 2018 AGM. 


Our ex-President: Lee Everson

Lee Everson is now the ex-President of the South Glos NUT Section, having been President for 2017/18.

This is his presidential address to the recent AGM.

"Colleagues, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the opportunity to be the Presiding committee member for the year of 2017.
I have been a History teacher for six years, teaching at Winterbourne International Academy. Since I started my teaching career in 2010, it is fair to say that a battle for the soul of public service in this country has been underway. I fear that we have yet to see the full cumulative effect of 6 years of government policy on the working conditions of teachers, as well as the learning conditions of students. I feel an undeniable atmosphere of anxiety towards what those in power feel is right for the UK education system. It is at odds with what I know to be true about best educational practice and what children need from their teachers.
The NUT has given me the strength and the pride to withstand repeated attacks on my terms and conditions of service, job security and self-esteem. Without the NUT I would not be the teacher I am today, able to work diligently and in dignity, along with my colleagues who have demonstrated the true power of unity and collective action.
As your President I will aim to do whatever I can and whatever is necessary to continue the work of the South Gloucester NUT, in defending and advocating for professional respect, integrity and positive conditions which allow teachers and students to mutually thrive. I will seek to collaborate to the most effective extent possible with volunteers and organisations who share our goals. If you feel that I can be of assistance in achieving and sustaining these goals, all you need to do is ask. It is an honour to serve alongside you as the committee President."

Workload Project

The South Glos. Division has been chosen by the Union to run a pilot project on workload. Our members were surveyed and we had one of the highest responses to the survey of the six divisions chosen for the pilot. The results are very interesting showing just what the problems are. Thanks to all those who responded.

A number of members replied that they would be willing to assist in the project, with the first meeting being held prior to the recent AGM. The aim is to draft a Workload Charter which sets out what the workload expectations should be. We will then try to get as many schools and academy trusts in South Gloucestershire to adopt it.

The model is the Nottingham Fair Workload Charter which is showing some success. This does not replace the Union's Action Short of Strike Action (ASOS) on workload. The Union will support members in any schools with issues.

South-West South Wales Black Teachers' Network

Black teachers in the South-West and South Wales have recently launched an NUT network to help members achieve change and make an impact.

More details

Need advice ?

The first place for members to go when seeking advice is the NUT's AdviceLine. It is designed to provide advice on the issues that affect your professional life. So if you have a worry or query about how you are being treated at work, you can contact the AdviceLine for speedy support and assistance.

Call the AdviceLine on 020 3006 6266 (open 9am - 7 pm weekdays) or email

All new requests for advice must be directed to the AdviceLine first, and then if necessary will be passed onto the Division.

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