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Welcome to the Wokingham and District NUT website. 

The Wokingham Single Association Division was founded in 1997 when the Berkshire County Division was disbanded after the move from a County Council to 6 Unitary Authorities.

The Wokingham and District NUT Division corresponds to the Local Authority of the Wokingham Borough Council.

Its membership includes not only teachers in the Local Authority Schools but also any Academy, Independent and Free School that is situated within the boundaries of the Local Authority.

The Division also has a considerable number of members who work directly for the Local Authority in Central Services as well as Retired and Supply Teacher members.

Philip Griffin

Division Secretary

please contact secretary@wokingham.nut.org.uk


Regional Officer

Nick Childs 

South East Region

NUT Regional Office
Britton House,
College Road,
West Sussex
RH17 6TT
TEL: 01444 894500
FAX: 01444 894516
Email: south.east@nut.org.uk

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